1800 Town Center Drive, Suite 411
Reston Virginia 20190




Reston Psychological Center is composed of a group of mental health professionals dedicated to
providing the highest quality of psychotherapeutic and psychodiagnostic services, offering individual,
family, and group therapies.   Reston Psychological Center (RPC) provides diagnosis and treatment
of behavioral, emotional, academic, and social difficulties in children, adolescents, adults, and families.


APPOINTMENTS:  Office hours are available by appointment from 8 AM to 9 PM.  The business office
is open Monday through Friday from
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  Appointments can be most easily scheduled
during these hours.   Routine telephone inquiries, billing and scheduling, can be addressed during the
business day.
At RPC, appointments are scheduled with an individual doctor or therapist and services
are provided to the highest possible standards.


EMERGENCY SERVICE:   Emergency telephone consultation services are available on a 24 hour basis
for patients of RPC.  During office hours, please inform the receptionist of the situation.   After hours and
weekends, a voice mail service is available.  Each therapist remains on call for his or her own clients, but
backup coverage is provided by other staff members.  Please call the office number and follow the voice
mail instructions for an emergency and the therapist on call should reach you as soon as possible. 
In case of life threatening emergencies, first contact an ambulance service or police department to
arrange transfer for you to a hospital emergency room or mental health center, then call our office. 


FEES:  Fees vary with the type of professional services provided and are explained upon the first
contact in scheduling an appointment.  Charges may be made for telephone contact time, additional
consultations, court time and school contacts.  Changes or cancellations of appointments must
be at least two business days in advance.  
As your appointment time is reserved especially for
you, a charge will be made for missed or late canceled appointments.  Please be informed that
insurance carriers do not cover charges for missed or late cancellation appointments. 


BILLING STATEMENTS:You will receive a billing statement at the time service is rendered.
This statement can be used for filing insurance claims and/or should be kept for your records.


PAYMENT:   Payment is to be made at the time services are rendered.  Co-payments or
co-insurance payments are made at the time of the visits.  You as the patient, are responsible
to read and understand your insurance plan and benefits.  We advise you to verify your mental
benefits and co-payments.  We will file claims only for patients who see an in-network
participating provider.  Regardless of an insurance or managed care company’s response
regarding a service or charge, the patient/financially responsible party is responsible for
charges incurred.


In the event the financially responsible party fails to pay for treatment and the account is given
to an attorney for collection, the responsible party also agrees to pay all costs of collection, including
interest, court costs and attorney’s fees.


Your signature below indicates that you have read the information in this document and agree
to abide by its terms during our professional relationship.  



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