Reston Family Center was founded to provide specialized professional counseling,
evaluation and assessment services to families and individuals in transition or
involved in the legal system. Services include custody evaluation, directed
co-parenting counseling, parent coordination, psychological testing and
assessment, pre-separation or divorce consultation, child, adolescent and adult
psychotherapies and consultation to courts and attorneys.

Custody evaluations are comprehensive assessments of families designed to assist
parents, attorneys and courts in determination of appropriate custody and
visitation issues. Through specialized interviews, diagnostic tests and
observations the psychological and physical needs of the child are matched with
the emotional and parenting strengths of the adults. Families are coached on
understanding the developmental needs of the child through the separation,
divorce and visitation process. The custody evaluation remains independent with
a primary focus on the needs of the child.

Directed co-parenting counseling or parent coordination is a child centered
process directed by an expert in child development and family functioning for
the purposes of improving child care practices between two parents. Directed
co-parenting intervention assists parents in developing improved communications
and decision making skills to enhance the growth and development of children.

Families often utilize the services of Dr. Farber and Reston Family Center to
review issues of family separation and divorce to minimize impact on themselves
and their children. Comprehensive counseling services are provided to children,
adolescents and adults impacted by life’s transactions. Consultation services to
attorneys’ and court systems clarify an individual or families’ particular
strengths or needs. Comprehensive assessment services are provided privately for
various forensic needs.